Important Qualities Of Stuffo EIFS

EIFS or Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems is a multi-layered exterior finish that was firstly used in Europe. This is also called the synthetic stucco. The finished product of synthetic stucco is just like the traditional stucco. EIFS is now being used in commercial buildings and some of the houses in North America. There are six layers in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. There is an optional water-resistive barrier, adhesive, foam insulation, base coat, reinforcement mesh, and the finish. The layers in this material bond and form a covering that does not breathe. EIFS is vapor permeable and water resistant.

Qualities of EIFS
The finish of EIFS is composed of organic aggregate and cement reinforced together with a glass mesh while stucco is made of inorganic cement. They look similar but their performance is different from each other. There are two types of EIFS, one is the polymer-based, meaning it has a non-cement finish coat. The other is polymer modified that has a cement finish coat.

If you want a good finish product, you should rely on professionals when applying stucco or EIFS into your buildings or homes. Visit if you want to know more about their products and what services they can offer.

Good exterior
Investing in a good exterior material is efficient because this will give strong integrity to your building. The exterior is just as important as the interior part of the building. The exterior is the first line of defense of the building so it needs a good material. You need to have a shelter that will not easily be destroyed by many things such as calamities, natural disasters, and many more. Climate change is present now and buildings should be able to adapt to every weather there is.